Sunday, 20 December 2009

Crimson Rosella ATC

I think I'm on a roll doing bird ATC's. I stumbled across a Regional Animal themed PIF (Play It Forward) game over at my ATC trading site. Basically pick one of the three options posted by the person before you then offer three options of your own. I will be getting a desert tortoise native to America. I offered a numbat, crimson rosella or winner's choice. User HHC chose the crimson rosella and the card I painted for her is below. I think this is one of my best works to date. Probably helps that this is my all-time favourite bird species.

Secret Santa Photo Frame

That's right, I finally have something OTHER than an ATC to show off. My new work ran a Secret Santa with a gift limit of $10. It always confuses me why workplaces run these: you either get someone you barely know and spend $10 on something meaningless and impersonal like chocolates or get a friend and feel constructed by the small budget. Anyway, having only been at my work for 2 months I didn't really know anyone that well. I had to get a gift for a gentleman that had recently been married so decided to make a photo frame for him.

Here is the papermachie frame I bought from Spotlight:

I had just happened to pick up a wedding themed 12x12 sheet of paper the other day, originally planning on doing a LO of my aunts wedding. Decided to use that on the frame, it has golden print and a lovely shimmer to it. Stuffed up the border the first time which is why it ended up with a scallopped edge. Added some rub-ons and a chip board heart and here is the new frame:

Popped it in a gift back along with some soccer ball baubles (he plays indoor soccer), some candy canes and some chocolates. Hope he liked it.

Friday, 11 December 2009


I had a friend request a Goldfinch ATC for a trade. I found two beautiful reference pictures to work from and decided to paint them both. She chose the one with some red. I'm pretty happy with how both of these turned out.