Monday, 19 May 2014

Party Table Centrepiece - Couture Creations DT

Who says die cuts should be limited to scrapbooking pages and cards? Certainly not me with this project! I have my 30th birthday coming up soon and wanted to create some table centrepieces for the dinner. This was a bit of a time consuming project (and I still have two more to create!) but I really enjoyed creating something a bit different to normal.
Prepare your base and pole.
1/ I have used a pre-made wooden box for my base so primed it with gesso and then painted it with a couple of coats of blue paint. The pole is a length of dowel I trimmed to suit and then coated with gesso.
2/ Once the paint is dry, attached double sided tape to a length of ribbon and wind down the length of the pole.
3/ To ensure my photos were all cut to the exact same size I used a rectangular nesting die to trim them down. This is so much easier than having to measure it all myself and inevitably ending up with wonky angles. Adhere one photo to each side of the base using double sided tape.
4/ Decorate the corners of each photo using the Gemstones in reducing sizes. They are much easier to place if you use the premium craft tools, allowing a precision placement. I like to use the blade but I know others prefer the paper piercer.
5/ Place some filler in the bottom of the base to secure your pole to. I used polystyrene board we had sitting around but then found the glue I used melted through the board so perhaps try florists foam instead. Rip some tissue paper and place inside the base too. This will help stabilise the pole to remain straight and also provide a decorative touch.
Make the flower ball
1/ Cut a small hole in the bottom of a polystyrene ball, this is where it will attach to the pole.
2/ Die-cut enough flower petals from the Sunflower nesting dies to cover the ball. Each flower consists of the three smallest sizes of sunflowers in alternate colours of card stock. I had a 100mm polystyrene ball and used 19 flowers so 57 diecuts.
3/ The cardstock will be too stiff to wrap around the ball neatly in it's original state, so spritz each petal with water and scrunch to loosen the fibres. If your paper has a front and back side, make sure you curl the paper so it will fold around the ball. Leave them to dry.
(picture only shows half my petals)
4/ Layer the petals into complete flowers and attach with dressmaker pins to the ball. I found it easiest to do the very middle row first and then fill in the gaps working towards the top and bottom. Make sure you overlap them to avoid the ball showing through.
5/ Once you're happy with the positions of all the flowers, attach buttons to the centres of them all.
6/ Cut two circles of tulle (I used a coffee cup as a rough size guide). Place these over the top of the pole and attach the flower ball over the top of these. 

Couture Creations Materials List:
I'm also going to enter this project into two competitions. The first is StuckOnUSketches who have a current die-cut challenge of 3D. Secondly, Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is prompting people to scrap their baby photos this month. You can see a baby photo in the detail shot I have included, plus on of the photos I didn't capture is also a baby photo.


  1. Lovely decoration! thank you for playing with us at AFSC!

  2. Happy Birthday for your up coming 30th. Your table decorations will look fabulous and such a clever take on the challenge. Thanks so much for joining in at AFSC

  3. wow! FANTASTIC! LOVE IT! oh congrats on your upcoming party! hope you have a blast! Hugs from NY and thanks for playing along with us at AFSC!

  4. Interesting interpretation of the challenge! Very original! I'm really happy that the AFSC's theme has been able to give you inspiration. See you.

  5. Hi Lauren.....I absolutely love your gorgeous centre piece, the photos framing the stand look great. Thanks for sharing this with us at SOUS.

  6. Hey girl!
    Oh this is such a great project! I can't believe I've never made one of these before!
    It's SO cool!
    So...if you just turned got to change your profile then =) LOL! Haha, well my brain
    is still thinking I'm 20-something too even if this Summer I am officially moving into mid 30's! Ack!

    Ok, enough silliness...thanks so much for having shared this with us! Do come back and join again!

    Warmly, Leah

  7. Lauren - this is a great take on the challenge! Beautiful work - so clever. Thanks so much for playing along with Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!!!!


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