Friday, 2 April 2010

Brisbane Craft Expo

I took the day off work last Friday and headed up to Brisbane for the Craft Expo. Started the day with two classes. The first tought me how to make a ruched flower, you can see the one I created in the photo below. It's was quite fun and I liked the fact the hand-stitching doesn't have to be too neat or even. I'm hoping to do some more of these to add to scrapbooking layouts. The second class was a charm bracelet class, as I love charm bracelets. The class was only $10 and this included the kit so I couldn't pass it up. Made myself a lovely purple bracelet and went back later to buy a light blue kit and a red kit as well. Haven't had a chance to make those up yet.

I also found a fantastic new chipboard company which has some fantastic designs. To be honest I wasn't really impressed with the scrapbooking stores at the expo, it was all a bit samey and overpriced. A lot of the other stores were interesting though, I always like looking at the beautiful lace varieties. They also have a quilt exhibition where each entry was given a length of the same fabric which they had to turn into an artwork. Some people have such vision and can really create something quite different to what the base fabric starts out as.

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