Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Make Me Happy ATC's

Since I had some time off over Christmas/New Year, I spent a bit of time back over at ATCsforAll.com. One of the games they play is called 'Make Me Happy'. It's a kind of pass-it-on swap, where you select a topic from the post above you to make an ATC in that theme and then list three themes for an ATC you would like to receive. Over time a few off-shoots of the game have sprung up with specific restrictions. I volunteered to make a cow in the 'All Media' game, a gnome in the 'Colourful and Whimsical' game and a white rabbit from American McGees Alice in Wonderland in the 'Character' game.

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  1. are these hand sketched?? These are awesome..We have an ATC club in India and it is only recently that I joined in the fun and it's been an awesome experience so far.. :-)


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