Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Once Upon A Sketch Giveaway

I have found a new challenge blog which I wanted to share with you. It's call Once Upon A ... Sketch and it has been created to try to get people back into journalling on their LO's. I think this is a great idea, as I'm normally very passionate about ensuring I include some kind of journalling on my pages but recently I've noticed a lot more of them have just the basics.

The blog has just started so they're running a competition to try to increase awareness. If you're interested in journalling or just want a chance to win the yummy prize pack below, check them out!


  1. THANKS SO SO MUCH! You are awesome for doing this!

  2. Great post and thanks for sharing the news about Once Upon A Sketch! You do gorgeous work and have a lovely blog. Look forward to you playing along!
    Lou xx


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