Friday, 17 June 2011

Teaching Suggestions and Advice Request

I have finally had a couple of friends express interest in joining me in my scrapbooking hobby, which has me tremendously excited as I think about being able to share projects, techniques, materials and tools with people. However, they have approached me to 'teach' them how to scrap and I have no idea how to proceed. As they are both very new to the hobby themselves they can't even give me any idea as to whether I should come up with a mini-class or simply display my LO's for inspiration or if I should just provide my materials and give advice as requested. Does anyone have any tips for making sure we have a good afternoon together?

Also, if you find you have some spare time this weekend feel free to stop by Challenge Heaven who are having a Day/Night themed cyber crop. Blind crop and bingo tonight, 4 challenges to come over the course of the weekend.

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  1. Do you have Becky Fleck's Page Maps book? That'd be handy to give a starting point for some LOs!! Or else just google for some basic sketches. I love using sketches as a beginner - makes life so much easier!

    And stick to just 1 4x6 photo pages... more room to experiment. Black and white photos helps as then you can use whatever papers/embellies you like.

    And most importantly - HAVE FUN! Of course :)


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