Wednesday, 24 October 2012


This is the last LO I have from the retreat I took part in. I managed to get this one half done and it's just taken me this long to sit down and stick it all into place. The photo is of my parents from when we went exploring at Springbrook National Park and I just thought it was a really nice photo of the two of them.
The 'Ritchie explore' referred to in the journalling is a thing of family legend. At some stage we were trying to travel somewhere and Dad managed to get lost however typically didn't want to admit it so we drove around aimlessly for a while until we managed to get back on track. He claimed he was exploring and as our surname is Ritchie any time since when we have taken a needlessly convoluted path to get somewhere or have become hopelessly lost it has been referred to as 'Ritchie exploring'.
I was worried we would end up on a Ritchie explore either on the way to the National Park (it was over an hour's drive away through twisty mountain roads) or once we were inside the park itself (an old fear from previously getting lost while bushwalking with dad). I'm pleased to report we actually did quite well and no exploring was necessary. :)
This LO was inspired by the Kaisercraft October Saturday Sketch #2. I have used the lovely Great Southern Land range, some pearls, some chipboard, alphabet stickers, some fabric and paper flowers and some old-school brads all from Kaisercraft. This is the sketch I was working from:
Speaking of the retreat, I mentioned that there would be a group photo of us all celebrating the 70's themed night and here it is! I'm a bit upset that I'm hidden away in this photo because I had gone out and purchased a shift especially for this night but it gives you a great idea as to the feel of the night. :) If you are looking for a retreat to attend in South East Queensland I totally recommend signing up for the next one Ann runs. I think dates are May and September 2013 with a cruise in August 2013 as well. 


  1. How the way you have embellished the page. What a fun group of people. I like the sound of a retreat on a cruise.

  2. Fantastic layout & love your take on the those papers you've used too!

  3. Hi Layren
    so glad you had a good time at your retreat and Craft Fair. I REALLY like your Christmas card Lauren...I must get some done as soon as I can move this shoulder a bit better after second op this year on the stupid thing!!


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