Sunday, 3 November 2013

Weekend Away at Beechmont

My husband Ben and I decided it was time to take a quick romantic break after realising the last time we went away was in January this year. We live on the Gold Coast in Australia, which is known as a tourist destination for it's beaches and theme parks but it is only about an hours drive before you are in some lovely mountains and rainforests. We decided to head to Beechmont and stayed at the amazing Old Saint John's Church.


The renovation inside was lovely, with a bedroom on a mezzanine level and open plan living area on the ground floor. Just across the road was this fantastic view out over the mountains


I had never previously been up to see the sun rise but I figured the view would be so amazing and the church didn't have any window coverings so it got light inside very early. Even more suprisingly though, Ben also got up with me at 4.30am (he normally gets up around 10am on weekends) so we drove 5 minutes down the road to the look out and waited from the sunrise. It was magical!

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  1. Oh how amazing. Those sunrise photos are awesome. I love the place you stayed.


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