Monday, 20 January 2014

Happy Birthday Ben

It was my husband's 32nd birthday last Saturday and I made him a quick birthday card to go with his present. The chipboard is all Scrapmatts with some Studio Calico wood veneers. The words and the dog were actually extras I had left over from one of their classes I took at an expo. Before I was on their DT I would always sign up for a Scrapmatts class at any expo I went to because they are so generous with all the extra chipboard you get in the class kit.
Ben really does not enjoy celebrating his birthday for some reason. He even went to the extent of turning off his Facebook account for the day so none of his friends would get a reminder it was his birthday. Nevertheless, we had a lovely relaxed day together with his mum who is visiting for the week. Ben chose to spend 3 hours playing basketball with this friends in the morning, so Helen and I went and enjoyed a lovely morning tea together. We went to Social Eating House and Bar for dinner, which was a great experience. We don't eat out too much and this place is pretty new but already had some good reviews. It's got a tapas/sharing focus on the dishes which were all fine dining options with all those complicated little components.
Totally forgot to take any photos of the day at all, which Ben probably appreciated. Part of his present was tickets to the Five Flavours beer festival in March so maybe I'll take some photos then.



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  2. Happy belated Birthday to Ben....sounds like he had a great day. Wonderful card...I like the layout and all the stars.


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