Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Photo Op

So this layout isn't part of my Brisbane Expo classes showcase, I've just been very late in blogging this layout. A new scrapbooking store recently opened near my home (so lucky!) and they had the amazing Beck Beattie come to teach a class demonstrating how to use her Color Crush powders. I love Beck's work, enjoy her classes and have wanted to learn more about using watercolour effects on layouts so even though I had to organise a babysitters I couldn't pass this class up!

Beck had stamped the squares on the background for us and then gave us a lesson on 'layered stamping' where we got to add the script, checked and hexagon stamps ourselves to build depth. She also provided a simple but really effective colour-theory class before we picked out our colours and starting painting the background. I was originally planning on having a blue theme to the layout, but I'm so much happier with this bright red/orange/yellow layout with pops of blue for accents!

We used the Tinby Designs Color Crush powders for all the colour in this layout, so we got to learn how to paint them on like watercolours as well as sprinkle the dry powder on the page and activate it with a mister. Lastly, I splodged some yellow over the page via some scrunched up plastic.

Once I got the layout home I couldn't resist adding the blue stars, some black foam * shapes and a small title. I was also lucky enough to have my friends buy me a selection of 7 different Color Crush powders for my birthday, so now I just need to find time to play with them! :)

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