Monday, 4 May 2009

Landscape ATCs and a clown

It was a fairly productive weekend for me, as I managed to finish off another 5 ATCs. You can see below 4 landscape cards I which I have painted in acrylics for a swap over at ATCsforAll. They are based on four of my favourite landscape cards I have received from other artists.

Based on a card by Crafty412

Based on a card by LJPaints.

Based on a card by EasyOut.

Based on a card by Lynn101.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm a bit concerned that my style for the Addicted To Scaps monthly ATC trade is too 'cute'. I decided to play around with my clown stamps some more and see if the idea I had would have worked if it had been executed differently. For the guy below I used the same background paper and technique but also scrunched it then dyed it with a tea-bag. I made sure I used more muted colours for the clown, and didn't blend them with water like on the other set. I think this version suits the rest of the group much better, so I'll have to consciously remember to stay away from 'cute' next month.

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