Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I have to say, you can sure get a lot of art done when you don't have a job! I decided that the best way to clean up my desk is to try to finish off some of the half-done projects I have just sitting around. Managed to get three more ATCs completed. The first two are acrylic paint over a printed image that came in a photo frame I purchased ages ago. I've had the basic acrylic down for quite a while but wasn't happy with it, so it got pushed aside. Since I've been doing more acrylic work recently I decided to give it another try. Added a bit more of my own shading to the pieces, rather than just letting the shading of photo come through. Pretty happy with the end results.

The card below was done using some line-art I had drawn for a previous swap. I've had her half-coloured for quite a while. Yeap, that is my pathetic version of a background. :)

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  1. She's real nice! I'm just doing some reasearch atm for the "What's my style" swap. Anything you consider your "definitive" pieces of work?



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