Friday, 12 June 2009

Finally Some Craft!

It's been a while but I have finally created something crafty again, mainly because the due date for the swap is looming. :P So I managed to create 4 ATC's today for the "What's My Style?" Pick-A-Theme swap over at I was probably a bit nasty of me to sign up for this since I don't really have a style of my own. Rather than picking an individual theme for this PAT, each player received cards in an approximation of their style. I signed up for a very cool group!

Short explanations from top left:

Janet (crafter412) - I felt a lot of pressure for this one because her cards are just so beautiful. I've collected her landscapes from when she was a newbie at ATCs. While most of the cards I have of hers are watercolours I noticed that she's doing a lot more work in acrylics so that's what I went with. The card is based on a photo I took at Cape Byron Lighthouse. When I showed Ben this one he actually told me to hang onto it because he thought it was so good. :)

Acacia.rose - I was originally going to make a card with chalks and a thick black border, but then saw a more recent set of jungle animal cards she had done and I just had to go with that style.

TotollyOzSome - She has such a cute and simple style. I don't know how she managed to get so much character into her cards, but I struggled to copy that. Anyway, I just couldn't go past a flying monkey since I know she loves them. It's loosely based on one in her gallery.

Lemurkat - I have watched Kat's art for years so I hoped this one would be easy. Wrong! I chose to draw a Golden Pheasant, as Kat loves birds and I thought this one looked strange enough to take her fancy. Unfortunately, it's not endangered like most of her subjects but I'm sure the bird thinks that's a good thing. ;) I tried to get the colouring and background right, plus didn't forget her stylised sun.


  1. A brilliant example of how versatile your aristry is!

  2. Hi Lauren :)
    Could you please email me with you snail mail addie and which of the Pumpkin Pink chippies you'd like?
    Thanks :)
    timtam1970 at gmail dot com

  3. These are gorgeous Lauren. I think you captured their styles beautifully.


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