Thursday, 9 July 2009

More Gesso Girls and Some Stamping Techniques

I received an email on Tuesday from my LSS advertising a stamping workshop they were running. The last time I can remember going to one of these would have been about 10 years ago with my mum and I have a storage container full of stamps that I'm simply not using, so I decided to head on down and check it out. Besides, you can't really go past $10 for a 3 hour class. I was suprised by how many of the techniques I already knew, though now they are done using more snazzy (and expensive) materials/supplies. The last time I did a class we still heated our embossing powder over a toaster! I found it funny that Karen taught the watercolour marker technique using special markers and a blending tool. It would have cost about $50 to buy the equipment. When I first learnt this technique we just used normal textas that were scribbled onto a ink pad lid and then painted on using any cheap old painting brush and some water. LOL Anyway, you can see all the little technique sample I created and got to bring home below. I think my favourites would have to be two using the brayer on the gloss cards (the purple and orange samples). I had forgotten how much fun that it, pity mum has the brayer and stamp pads.

I have also managed to grab some time to finish off some more of the gesso girls I showed earlier. These are a lot more normal or natural looking than the first three. I had fun with them but not sure if I'll do any more.

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  1. These are all gorgeous Loz.Are they re-worked magazine images or hand drawn by you?.I used to draw well but haven't done much drawing for 20 plus years.I've just started to draw again now and man I need practice LOL.Well done
    Annette In Oz


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