Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekend Weigh-in

In the lead up to to my wedding I was going to the gym quite a bit because I wanted to look my best on the big day. I started 2011 weighing around 71kg (I'm 175cm, just so you can put it into perspective). For the last month or two before my wedding on the first of May I was going to the gym 5-6 times a week, plus playing basketball and netball as well. This resulted in me getting down to 68.5kg and looking like the photo below which was taken whilst on honeymoon. Would you look at those abs?! I had totally forgotten I had them. :)

In the 6.5 months since the wedding I have not been to the gym once and netball attendance has become sporadic. I've also started snacking on a whole lot of junk. As a result, my weight has soared to 74.5kg which is the heaviest I've even been (I managed to gain 1kg just this past week!). I've decided it's time to take action and get my butt back into shape. I work best with some kind of accountability and right now I don't have the funds to pay a personal trainer to provide that so I'm going to detail my fitness goals for the week, and hopefully my weight loss progress, here. If I can work up the courage to get back into my bikini I might add some 'in-progress' photos too.

Week 1
Weigh-in: 74.5kg
Progress since last week: 0kg
Overall progress: 0kg
Goal: attend 3 gym sessions
Food: no snacking at work

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  1. Good on you Loz! And whoa... look at those abs! All the best for your fitness regime :)


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