Saturday, 26 November 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 2

I'm squeezing in the weigh-in early this weekend because I have my work Christmas party starting at 10.30am. We're doing a wine tour in an area that also specialises in fudge and cheese, so I think my weight may go up by the end of it. :) I was doing really well with my goals for last week for the first two days: I went to the gym for 5km runs on both Monday and Tuesday and only snacked on 5 Malteasers at work. Wednesday and Thursday I didn't get to the gym because I start work at 8am (I normally go to the gym around 6am) but I did play centre for netball rather than goal keeper so lots more running. It all came crashing down on Friday though. I only went to the gym for 20 minutes on the cross-trainer as the running had been giving my trouble with my calves. We had an 'offline day' at work, which is esentially a planning/catch-up on work day but they always involve a lot of sugary snacks and take-away for lunch.

Overall I did make some progress and lost 0.8kg which is encouraging. I'm also keeping track of measurements for my waist, butt, thighs and arms and it appears I lost all of that from my thighs so my goal now is to spread that loss around a bit more. I'm hoping if I go back to adding in some weight work at the gym that will help. I'm also going to focus on eating healthier at home. It's previously been common for me to come home from work and have a handful of chocolate biscuits and some ice cream before dinner. This week I've picked up extra fresh fruit and some yoghurt.

Week 2
Weigh-in: 73.7kg
Progress since last week: -0.8kg
Overall progress: -0.8kg
Fitness goal: Continue with 3 gym sessions, one to include a weights session.
Food goal: healthy snacking at home.

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  1. WTG Loz! Good progress for week one :) :) Keep at it!


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