Saturday, 28 January 2012

Charms Creations Giveaway

Charm's Creations are a cute little embellishment range and they are promoting their upcoming Feb 3 sale with a giveaway. I really want a chance to win one of their new Charm's Creatures (the little blue guy in the image)! I also had a chance to check out their sneaks album recently and it's got a lot of bright funky designs.

1 Charms Creature - worth $15 {your choice of colour}
2 Lovely Lollipop Packs - worth $9 {your choice of colours}
2 Heavenly Hearts - worth $6 {your choice of colours}
2 Super Stars - worth $7 {your choice of colours}
Including postage the total of the prize is over $40!!! {43.60}

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