Saturday, 28 January 2012

Greeting Cards - Mission 11

Mission 11 of Biggest Loser 2012 was focused on rub-ons, stickers and journal cards. I have a small collection of each of these and they really do need a good sorting through as I think I will be throwing some of these out simply because I can't see me ever using them. So far I'm at the stage where everything is piled on my desk though. :) The challenge was create a card or two using a bingo / journaling card, at least one sticker/ rub-on from your stash

This is an extra card I created (which I actually did first), but upon reviewing the critera I realised it didn't fit at all! :) Loving the Lil' Red Rocket journal spots at the moment, bit sad there weren't any availabale in the latest sale.

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  1. You've been doing so well with all the Biggest Loser missions Lauren... good on you! I've loved checking out what you've created for each mission :-)


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