Sunday, 25 March 2012

Craft and Sewing Show

I went to the Craft and Showing Show at Brisbane yestday with a good friend. It was such a good day browsing all the stalls and doing a couple of classes. We signed up for the last two spots in Angella Pearson's Scrapmatts class (sold out in 10 minutes!). Scrapmatts are one of my favourite chipboard companies, they have such versatile products and are very well priced. The class cost $20 and included materials for the three cards I made below plus a whole heap of extra chipboard and cardstock to make more cards at home. 

I'm not too happy with the photo because it doesn't show just how vibrant the colours of the cards really are but I couldn't get a better photo in the overcast light.

My friend is into beading, so we also signed up for a beading class. I actually did alright with the class this time and was making good progress, unlike the last time I tried this. My friend and I have an arrangement though where she gives me her kit from the scrapbooking/card making class we do and I give her the kit from the beading class oncewe're done with the class. :) Last thing I need is to start ANOTHER hobby!

I was trying to stick to a budget this time so I didn't pick up too many new purchases. I bought a couple of new pieces from Scrapmatts (I think they only sell at shows so the change to buy more is one of the reasons I go to these shows every six months!) and also got a generous little gift pack because I had RSVPed on their Ning site. I spent $2 on a couple of die-cuts which I'm thinking of using as misting masks, another $2 on some metal charms. Bargin of the show though was some hemp cord I found at a bead store. It looks just like twine (maybe a bit thiner) but rather than paying $5 for 10m because it's the 'in' thing right now, I got 12.8m in four different colours for a total of $7!

Oh, don't forget my button giveway here. Last giveway I'll be running since they get no interest. LOL

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