Sunday, 13 May 2012

Die Cutting Machine Recommendations?

I have been considering getting a die-cutting/embossing machine for a while now and I'm hopping that some of my readers will be able to help me. I'm sure you have experience with a variety of different brands so if you have a few moments would you mind sharing your thoughts on whether they are a worthwhile purchase or not? Which brand would you recommend and why? Also, I know that some brands of dies can only be used with certain machines. Is there a general guide anywhere that lists compatibilities?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Hi Lauren... CONGRATS.. You are the winner of the Manor House Creations 'mystery prize'..... go to the MHC blog for details... Oh, and I have a sizzix machine, and wouldnt part with it for the world. I did have a cuttlebug, but it moved around alot while using it, the sizzix big shot is alot more stable, but is alot bigger, so not so good if you only have a small amount of room....

    Karen x

  2. Hi ,I've followed your blog via lollipop ladies so I'm not a stalker LOL.I've got the greeen& white cuttlebug,bought at lIncraft and love it! It is sturdy yet small enough to take to crops etc.

  3. just came across this post - I love my Cuttlebug. It is great and small enough to take with you and doesn't need electricity to run ;-)


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