Thursday, 19 July 2012

Miracle Card

One of my very good friend's gave birth last week to her first child. Harvey Colin Hishon was born on 13/07/2011 @ 1328, weighing 5 lb 1.5oz (2.310kg). She had a difficult pregnancy and there were multiple times when they weren't sure if the little guy was going to make it so to have him finally make his arrive was a small miracle.

I created a card to give to her when we went to visit last Sunday. I've delayed putting it up for a while because it is also my mid-month project for UnstampaBelles. Don't forget, the criteria this month is 'Celebrations' and any papercraft project goes so long as you don't use stamps.

Here is my favourite photo of Harvey to date. He really is such a little fellow. All the tubes are due to a slightly early delivery and the tough pregnancy. He's off the big blue one now though and breathing on his own.

My friend Sarah having her first cuddle with her boy! She had to wait almost a whole day after delivery.


  1. What a precious little boy! Congrats to your friends.

    Such a cute card. I love that little flag.

  2. Oh he is so beautiful, so glad to hear that he is improving each day. Perfect card Lauren.

  3. Oh he is glad to hear that he is improving & getting stronger - great news that he is now breathing on his own :)

    Gorgeous card & such a lovely gift for your friend.


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