Thursday, 27 September 2012

Swell Sculpture Festival and Sprinbrook National Park

I've been a bit quiet recently and thought I'd share the reasons why. Every year Coolangatta hosts the Swell Sculpture Festival and I've wanted to go since we moved to the Gold Coast 6 years ago. This year I finally went! Ben and I enjoyed a lovely picnic by the sea and then checked out all these fantastic sculptures. I really liked the 'love cats' and the sea aneomies. I took a whole heap of photos but have compiled them into a photo collage for you here to save space and loading time.

I also had my parents come up to visit last weekend. We decided to head down to Springbrook National Park and surrounding areas, which was another thing I had meant to do since moving up but never found the time. The Natural Arch/Natural Bridge walk was beautiful and very easy. There is meant to be a whole colony of glow worms in the cave so I might need to go back at night. The Purling Brook falls looked lovely but we couldn't do the walk due to a landslide so we've put it on the list of things to do next time. Again, another photo collage to save time and space:

I know have five days off work (this counts as me taking leave!) so I'm hoping to get some new projects completed to share with you. I'm having some friends around for a crop on Sunday but that could just result in a whole lot of talking rather than crafting!


  1. Those sculptures look really interesting..such fab pics!

  2. It seems like you had a wonderful time! Love those pictures you took! It's so weird that if you live somewhere you never get around to do something what makes that place so special! I was born in Alkmaar (a city up north in The Netherlands) famous for the cheese market on friday! I think you've already guessed! I've never been there *grin* in the 21 years I've lived there! Can't wait to see some of you lo's with the pretty pictures you took! Have a great scrapping sunday with your friends and I wish you a wonderful weekend hugs Amy :)

  3. p.s did you went back to see whole colony of glow worms in the cave???? xox


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