Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Melbourne Baby Shower

I spent last weekend back in Melbourne so my sister could throw me a baby shower with all the relatives. It ended up being very convenient timing as this was the last week I could fly without a medical certificate and Dad also needed to fly back from Indonesia to attend a conference in Melbourne. This let me catch up with Mum and Dad for my birthday and the baby shower. Would have been better if they hadn't managed to catch the flu as soon as they landed but it was still better than nothing. :)
So this is the group shot of most of the lovely guests (two of my friends from high school had to depart early). Attendees included my sister, Nana, sister-in-law, school friends, Mum's best friend who has known me my whole life, Mum, aunts, cousin and mother in law and long-time basketball friend. I felt so lucky to be surrounded by these women and pleased that we had remained in contact despite me moving to Queensland 8 years ago now.
Kirby (my sister) did such an amazing job with catering and decorating in a cute cartoon jungle theme which I just loved! We set up a onsie station where people could decorate an outfit for little Mouse. Given some of the disasters I had seen on Pinterest of people hand-drawing these we took a safer route and supplied fabric paint and stencils. This worked out a treat and I can honestly say I love every one which was created!
Even the men got into the onsie creating when they popped around after the party finished. Guess it just shows what they are willing to do to get a gift bag filled with lollies!

Whilst brainstorming party ideas, my sister and I decided it would be a great idea to have a funny cake. This is the end result, which drew plenty of weird looks from the cake staff:

To make matters worse, they off-set the writing to the right so we had to DIY the Chico babies to try and make it look intentional. Good thing they just happened to be in the cupboard. :) Overall, it was a really great couple of hours and a fantastic time to catch up with my friends and family.


  1. Looks like a fabulous fun weekend.

  2. Congratulations and looks like the baby shower went well, Love Melbourne, my daughter lives there. Sad your parents got the flu but hey looks like an awesome time....have joined your blog and I have candy as well...cheers, aNNie xxx


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