Monday, 9 June 2014

Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo 2014

I'm exhausted, my feet and back are killing me and yet I had to the absolute best time and it was totally worth it! I've just spent the past three days at the Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo in Brisbane, which some people may consider a crazy idea given I'm 6.5 months pregnant at the moment but I really wanted to squeeze one more of these events in before I give birth.
I started the Saturday with some free time so went for a wander to look through all the stores. It seemed smaller to me this year with less exhibitors but that couldn't have just been my perception. It was definitely quieter this year with less people coming through the doors. Sofie had asked me to work on the Scrapmatts stand for a few hours during the middle of the day on Saturday to cover other ladies teaching classes, so I started there just after 11. Scrapmatts are the best design team to be part of. Sofie and Andrew, the owners, are just lovely people (who are very generous with their products: I think I have enough chipboard to last me for another two years and still walked away with some extra products) and the design team is filled with encouraging, creative people. We all went out for dinner after the show on Saturday and had a great time catch up and relaxing together.
You can see some of the craziness the Scrapmatts DT ladies get up to during the show below. Our DT leader, Angella, was trying to get Sonya back for an earlier occasion she had photo-bombed. It doesn't quite work when you're only 4 foot 9 though. :)
Couture Creations also asked me to do some demoing, which was a bit of a new thing for me. I always like to help out where I can though so signed up for 2 hours each day and was assigned to The Scrap Cottage's stand. The ladies from that store were lovely and they carry some great products at competitive products, so check them out. You can see the table at their stand advertising my appearance (made me feel like a celebrity!). The challenge was that was also my workbench and the Big Shot took up at least a third of that space. I also only had five dies to work with so had to be a bit creative in terms of my projects. The second photo shows some of the samples I created.

The Couture Creations DT girls are also a little bit crazy. The tutors decided to dress in costume for their classes, so here are Kerrie, Tina and Tracey with me just before I started demoing on the Sunday. Another lovely bunch of ladies who I'm looking forward to getting to know better.

I also signed up for four classes over the weekend and managed to pretty much complete three of them, so my plan is to start sharing the details of those from the 11th as I have my first Couture Creations reveal for June tomorrow. Hopefully, I will complete the fourth page by the end of the week too so I can share them all. Otherwise, it may be relegated to the pile of unfinished projects I still have from LAST YEAR's expo! :(

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