Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Train Photo Display

My dad came to stay with me for three weeks to help out with recovering from knee surgery. Today was his last day and I wanted to give him a little gift to say thanks. I have had this train billboard from Imaginarium Designs since 2015 when I was on the Couture Creations design team and I knew it would come in handy for my train-obsessed son sooner or later. The photos are from when the two of them were watching 'Chuggington' (a train animation) together on Dad's iPad. I figured since Dad also took Harry on his first proper train ride while he was visiting it was the perfect theme for the gift.

Since I couldn't decide which photo I liked more, I just decorated both sides of the billboard in a similar manner and left it unglued, so Dad can remove it and turn it around if he wants to. 

It ended up being a pretty quick and simple present. I think it had taken me so long to use the display because I kept overthinking everything I wanted to do with it. 

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