Sunday, 28 February 2010

All-Types-Of-Art-A-Thon is having an All-Types-Of-Art-A-Thon this weekend, which is basically just an excuse to get everyone creating whatever kind of art they like and going crazy with the trading. Normally when an "A-Thon" is hosted there is a theme, either a medium or a product type, like a Collage-A-Thon where everything you make that weekend is collaged or a Chunky-A-Thon when you can use any medium you like to make 4x4 chunky pages.
I like to participate in these when I have time because it's good to have a thread with lots of activity and you can do a LOT of trading in the weekend. I didn't find out about this A-Thon until Saturday night though, so have only had Sunday to create art. Was really productive this morning and got 5 cards done but then went shopping and have been fighting with the internet to get these loaded since then. I still have ironing to do tonight so not sure if I'll get any more done or not.

Card 51/365: Marsh Sunset Acrylics

I received a very positive response to the Marsh Sunset piece I did in watercolours so decided to try it in acrylics. I'm not sure which one I like best. Ben thinks the watercolours looks like a sunrise and the acrylics like a sunset. I think they just reflect how badly I paint from reference pictures. LOL

Card 52/365: Oranges

I had a 6x6 page drawn up with the theme of 'Orange', basically a lot of images that were orange. Drew it in 2007 but then the other person didn't want to trade so I never actually coloured it. Decided I was sick of it sitting around so picked out the oranges above and the flower and butterfly below and turned them into ATCs.

Card 53/365: Orange Butterfly and Flower

Since I was doing the A-Thon I thought this would be the perfect chance to catch up on the 5 missing cards for Project 365. I'll be very happy if I go into month three only a couple of cards off target! This folk-house card is based on a lovely notepaper design someone sent to me, I think it's adorable.

Card 54/365: Folk House

Last card from this morning is a cute little flowerpot. I'm not sure what kind of flower they are exactly. :)

Card 55/365: Flowerpot


  1. my favorite in this set is the happy butterfly and flower card!

  2. Love the butterfly. I wanted to join the A-thon, but just wasn't able to. Love your cards.


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