Sunday, 21 February 2010

Watercolour Whimsy ATCs

So I cleaned my desk today and discovered that I had purchased a set of 12 watercolour paints at some stage in the past. I think it might have been just before I decided that acylics were the paints for me. LOL Anyway, thought I'd try my hand at a few quick whimsical style cards. There were some problems before I got the technique right.

Card 45/365: Whimsical Heart

The design for this first one is based on a lovely hand-made card I received from Debby. It was originally all watercolour, but I didn't realise that when you paint a new layer over an old colour with watercolours they actually blend. So rather than a lovely blue colour for the bars I ended up with a murky green. Had to turn to acrylics to fix that mess up.

Card 46/365: Whimsical Sun

The second card went quite a bit better. Ran into a bit of trouble when I mixed the blue with the white in the pack which actually thickens the paint and I wasn't expecting that. The problem was then trying to get the black outline over the top of the paint, I think I've ruined a couple of pens with this piece. Still, I really like the finished effect.

Card 47/365: Whimsical Flower

For this last one I finally had the revelation that when working with watercolours you can do the inking FIRST and just lay the paint down over the top. I'm too used to acrylics where that technique doesn't work. This had the added benefit of letting me erase the pencil lines before painting over them.

Anyway, I figure that's not a bad effort for one day. We're getting closer to the 100th post and the blog giveaway so keep your eyes pealed. Also, don't forget the stop by and see what I have available to trade, I'm getting too many available cards doing Project 365.

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