Thursday, 22 December 2011

Decorating the Christmas Trees!

2011 has definately been the year of decorating the Christmas tree for me. It started with my family Christmas tree the first weekend of Melbourne while I was down for a wedding. My sister specially went out to buy the tree so I could take part in the decorating this year. I think my brother felt left out though, he came through a couple of nights later around 4am and accidently stumbled and took out the tree. :)

We flew back to the Gold Coast and put up our own Christmas tree the following weekend. I chose a simple gold/silver theme this year, but our lights and the star are multicoloured so it still looks funky at night. Poor little tree only managed to get one present underneath it. I thought I'd picked a winner of a present in getting Ben a new wallet since his old one is getting a bit worn, but he came home and shock the present and somehow guessed right away what it was without me even letting on that was what I was thinking of getting him! :(

Finally, we're back home in Melbourne for Christmas and we got to decorate Ben's family's tree too! This is the wonderful face my husband pulled when I asked for a nice smile. :( It was a lot of fun to be a part of their family tradition this year.

Just to finish up this very photo-heavy post, I wanted to share this photo Ben and I had taken with Santa at one of the shopping centres we visited today. So many of the big ones try to make a mint from this and charge $30+ for photo packs. This centre took the photo for us on my camera for free. Now that's what I call the spirit of Christmas!

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