Sunday, 4 December 2011

Weekly Weigh-in: Week 3

In terms of enjoyment, this has been a good week. In terms of dieting/exercise, this has not been a good week. Combining the work Christmas party wine tour last Saturday with a trip to Melbourne for a friend's wedding this weekend and associated catch ups with family has resulted ina massive jump in my weight. This probably wasn't helped by the fact I completed the weight session at the gym on Sunday but followed it up with a 5km run on Monday and couldn't walk for the next 3 days due to muscle pains. I think I need to ease my way back into it a bit more.

A friend at work has suggested we train to compete in the Gold Coast half-marathon mid next year. I've only ever taken part in school fun-runs but agreed anyway. There is a training plan provided so I'll start on that and hope having a set cardio routine helps with the weight loss. I might look at adding weights in the new year.

Week 3
Weigh-in: 75.2kg
Progress since last week: +1.7kg
Overall progress: +0.9kg
Fitness goal: 3 x 40 minute runs
Food goal: better effort at healthy snacking at home.

Also, please don't forget this week's Lollypop Ladies challenge: toffee apples and acetate. Entries close on Tuesday.

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