Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Activities

December is such a busy time of year, as I'm sure everyone is well aware. Ben and I have been busy trying to get everything ready for our trip to the United States as we leave 27th December. (Speaking of which, how do I get my hands on these magical 40% vouchers for craft supplies I hear my US friends talking about?)
Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of photos of what we have been getting up to during December so far as personally I love seeing all the different ways it's celebrated. First up we have the Christmas tree. Ben and I put it up on the 2nd this year and went with a purple and silver theme.
Last night we had my work Christmas party. We booked a couple of tables and this big event the Gold Coast Convention Centre was throwing. It was quite fun and good to have an excuse to get all dressed up. This is the group shot of most of the people from my office (yes, it is mainly women).

One of my darling husband and myself. I've re-cycled a bridesmaid dress from three years ago, so quite pleased I was still able to fit into it. How lovely is the corsage? Ben organised it as a suprise for me, he apparently even took my necklace to the florist so they could match it. :)

Finally, just me and some of my buddies clowning around. :)

I've also been attempting a photo-a-day thing via Instagram. Going left to right, top to bottom we have:
1/ The advent calendar all set-up for this year.
2/ The Christmas tree goes up.
3/ The local shopping centre Christmas tree after ten-pin bowling
4/ Some of the decorations scattered around the house.
5/ The family tradition of wrapping musk sticks to put the tree.
6/ Doing some Christmas shopping.
What have you been up to in Decemeber? Can someone make me feel better and say they haven't started their shopping yet either? :)

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  1. From memory, the vouchers are on the advertising literature - but if you get a loyalty card when you first shop, and then pick up the lit from the experience was that the loyalty card gave you some money off and so did the literature. You have a treasure in Ben - lovely dress by the way!


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