Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Good Friday Everyone!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to spend time with family or however else you choose to spend the time. I have spent today trying to get on top of cleaning the house, more specifically my craft room. I'm always mildly relieved when I hear other people confess they are a messy scrapper, as it makes me feel better about the fact I seldom put away my tools after finishing one project before moving on to the next.
However, upon viewing my scrap room this morning I decided it was simply out of control (a combination of note tidying up and still moving everything into the garage from the craft room which will become the nursery) and I had to spend today organising everything.

Yes, not only was my entire desk covered many layers high but I also leave things half done on the floor! The good thing about tidying everything up meant I finally got around to putting up a lot of the other display pieces I wanted on the wall. I've also realised I have lots of embellishments that I rarely use yet don't want to get rid of for some reason.

Whilst I was cleaning, I also found so many half-finished projects from various expos I've attended in the past year. I am notoriously bad about forgetting to finish a project if I didn't get it done in the class. To start with, I want to share a set of cards I did at an expo I think in October. I think this might have been a Kaszazz class but I can't exactly remember.


This easel card was fun and easy to create.

Because the expo was in October we did a Christmas card. I liked the idea of the different opening fold.
Lastly was a matching stamped card and envelope. I don't think this one really worked as a design even in the example. Overall it wasn't a class I would have chosen to take but I was at the expo with a friend and they were keen.
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  1. That's called cleaning lol! You did a great job!

  2. Great tidy up job! Lack of space is a big problem for me too!! And time of course! But you did great!!

  3. What a massive achievement….you did well with the clean up. What great cards you found to share too….lvoe the gatefold one with the little mouse.


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