Thursday, 12 June 2014

Once Upon a Time

Class two was another Scrapmatts sponsored class, this time run by Sonia Thomason. I have always thought Sonia created beautiful layouts however her shabby chic style with so many flowers and layers is way out of my comfort zone. This year I figured the only way to grow and improve in my own scrapping was to try something new so I signed up and had a great time.
I didn't have to add a thing to this layout once I got home, it was perfect at the end of the two hours. :) I think the only thing I changed in the design was my placement of the second butterfly. The chipboard frames were perfect for showcasing these photos of my grandparents at Nana's 75th birthday party a few years ago.

Sonia wasn't so keen on posing for a photo with me at the end but I talked her into it. She is another fantastic tutor who is happy to see you customise the layout to suit your own style.

If you want some idea of the rest of her amazing work, here is a photo I snapped of her tutor display. There were so many layers and textures to the layouts, I wanted to reach out and touch them.

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  1. Gorgeous layout! I always admire those going beyond their comfort zone - sounds like you had a great time whilst doing just that!


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