Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mum's 50th Birthday Album

My Mum turns 50 today and I made her an album to celebrate the occasion. I had made an album for Dad when he turned 50 and tried the apply the things I learnt during that one to this one. Firstly, I chose the Kaisercraft Pennyroyale range and used it for almost everything to get a co-ordinated look. This was much easier than trying to piece everything together individually like I did for Dad. Of course, it would have been easier still if I'd picked a current range rather than an old one that I then had to hunt down on-line, but I'd seen the colours and decided they were perfect for mum and nothing else would do. :)
I think Mum's album looks better but I don't think I got to cover as much of her life as I did in Dad's. Since I had to rely on other people to provide the photos and send them up to me on the Gold Coast I didn't manage to get any photos of mum with her brother and sisters or with her best friend. I also would have liked some showing her doing craft as it's a big part of her life. Still, I'm pretty happy with it overall.

I included a couple of blank pages at the end for people to write birthday wishes to her when they attend herbirthday party.

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