Sunday, 3 January 2010

Project 365 for ATCs

One of the ladies over at has decided to run a Project 365 for ATCs this year. For those that don't know the point is to try and create one ATC a day for a while year. While I'm pretty sure I will fail to complete one a day I will at least try to complete 365 in a year. If anyone wants to follow the blog displaying the work of everyone taking part it is here.

This is my first card, a duck for the Friendly Fowl swap I'm part of. Acrylic paints again.

Card 1/365: Duck # 2.

Just realised that I never posted a picture of Duck #1. :( Here he is, completed a maybe a week ago.


  1. love the ducks! great first card for project 365!

    (The Mad Catter)

  2. Great ducks. I especially love the one floating in the water. I know I wouldn't be able to do this challenge, but look forward to seeing your and the other artist's work this year.

  3. Well, I've failed already - I've only made one ATC this year and two postcards, so even if I take them into consideration, I'm still behind by a day. No worries. I made 430 ATCs last year and I have every faith that I shall make around that many this year. Even if I do have a wedding to organise!
    Thanks for promoting me, btw, and your ducks rock!

  4. oh wow your ducks are fabulous. we are gonna have fun here, just not sure when we will sleep?


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