Saturday, 9 January 2010

Project 365 - Cards 2 and 3

I always knew I was going to fall behind, since I was flying to Melbourne a few days after signing up for this challenge. When you have to pick between doing an ATC or spending time with your dad whom you haven't seen for a year there is always going to be a clear winner. :) Anyway, I managed to get two done yesterday and will try to get some more done today to catch up a bit.

This first one I did with mum. She had done a similar design for a four seasons swap and they were one of her first attempts at a hand-drawn swap. I made this card as a sample to show the difference adding a bit of shading to the tree and mountain and being a bit bolder with colour could make. We were making the cards with pencils which had been around since I was a kid though and they were so hard to work with!

Card 2/365: Autumn Landscape
Card 3/365: Vase Study

Second card is actually done on a copy of lineart I did in 2008 for a pen and ink swap and just kept sitting around waiting for a chance to colour in. Completed using a limited palette of Derwent pencils I found around the house. It's hard trying to create art without all your regular supplies!

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