Thursday, 14 January 2010

Project 365- Painted Ladybug

Not 100% happy with this one, so I may re-work it at a later date. If anyone wants to give advise I would welcome it. Anyway, it's a ladybug, painted in acrylic paints.

Card 10/365: Painted Ladybug
Edit: I firmly beleive that it you're not happy with a card it's not fair to trade it away, so I decided to work on the ladybug some more today (15th). It's fair to say that I didn't so much retouch the card as repaint it, but the end result is that I'm happy with it now. :)

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  1. Your painted ladybug is so pretty. I really like how you did the reflection of the light on the back of it's shell. It really adds to the piece. Great work! :)


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