Sunday, 31 January 2010

Project 365 - Wizard of Oz and Passion/Love

This is a bit of a catch up post for Project 365 since I've been faily slack this past week. I've done 4 cards for the Pick-A-Theme swap which is due soon. I couldn't decide which reference images I wanted to paint so ended up doing two cards for the Wizard of Oz theme and two cards for the passion/love/soulmate theme. I think I'll be sending the slippers and putting Emerald City up for trade. Let me know which one of the passion cards you think I should send.

Card 22/365: Emerald City

Card 23/365: Ruby Slippers

Card 24/ 365: Passion/Love/Soulmate 1

Card 25/365: Passion/Love/Soulmate 2


  1. Wow love that Passon Card #24! They are both fantastic!!

  2. Hi, I only just found your comment on my blog. Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment about the Treasure Box. Love your paintings especially the Red Shoes......takes me back to my childhood.
    Hugs, Irene xx

  3. All of these are Emerald City...and both passion cards!


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