Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Project 365- Winged Heart

Just a quick card from me today. Feeling a bit depressed since returning from visiting family at home, especially since my fiance has stayed there for a week longer. Was trying to think of a theme and remembered that is running a winged hearts swap. I didn't sign up, but the artwork was looking fantastic so I thought I'd see what I could create. Acrylic paints and pen.

Card 9/365: Winged Heart


  1. Lovely Loz! What a happy card. If you're feeling the inspiration the winged heart swap is still open. :)

    Hope your cheer returns soon!

  2. This is so cute, and I agree with Cheryl ~ It's a happy card ;)

    Hope that your 'happiness' returns to you soon :D


  3. Sorry your blue, your lovely card doesn't reflect it. Hope your Sweety makes home to keep you company soon!


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